O2 Wallet Success Paves Way For RFID Equipped Mobile Phones

O2 has recently wrapped up the six months long trial of its ambitious Near Field Communication (NFC) in Europe and claimed that the technology is still has a long way to go for the real-time deployment.

NFC entails using a single device for a diverse range of functions, as O2 employed a RFID chip into Nokia 6131 and handed the device over to 500 Londoners; the device performed various functions, such as a swiping card for travelling, like Oyster, and as a contactless payment card, like Barclaycard, with few other applications.

The trial marked a great success, O2 claimed, as 90 percent of the respondents given a positive reaction towards the service, named O2 Wallet.

O2, UK’s head for NFC, Claire Maslen, said in a statement, “This trial takes us one step forward to achieving this by demonstrating that the people want the convenient and practical benefits offered by services, like O2 Wallet.”

However, Maslen admitted that the technology is still in its nascent stage and developers are pooling their best to develop it in a more user-friendly manner.