Ofcom Wants Policy Makers To Close Digital Divide With Broadband

The era of Digital have and havenots should be made obsolete according to a Ofcom Comsumer Panel report which showed that the telecommunications governing body is focused on what to do to encourage digital inclusion.

With 100mbps speeds on the horizon, Ofcom is fearing that faster broadband will only be restricted to those who can afford the outlay and pointed to areas like Ewhurst in Surrey which lacked even basic broadband connectivity.

At this stage, Ofcom recommends that the government should intervene to allow those customers concerned, many of whom are in rural areas, to jump in the bandwagon by encouraging the private sector to find innovative ways to enable next generation connectivity for those left behind.

Commenting on the report, panel chairman Anna Bradley argued, "If we are imaginative and use a mix of private and public business models, we could provide a way for consumers who are excluded from first-generation broadband to leapfrog straight to the next generation".

If Ofcom's suggestions are concretized, this could see the rollout of public services like telemedecine or distant learning for communities left behind.