US Facebook coupon fiasco will cost millions to sort

Facebook is fun, mainly because of the tremendous reach the service has in terms of punters.

So it makes me smile that a Californian company decided to release a series of high value money-off coupons onto the Facebook service without - it seems - getting permission form the merchants selling the goodies.

The result was that Vryl Mkt's coupons were effectively declared invalid by the chains concerned, much to the annoyance of zillions of Facebook users.

The coupons - for hefty discounts on shampoo, choccy bars and bottles of mineral water - were apparently offered to select number of Facebookers, who promptly forwarded the relevant URLs to their mates, with predictable consequences.

Then the real fun started when the coupons `leaked' out via email and half the population of the US, it seems, made a beeline for the merchants selling the heavily discounted goodies.

Vryl Mkt has now admitted it didn't have permission from all of the manufacturers to distribute coupons for their products on Facebook.

With reports of some people taking $200 worth of goodies to the check-out and preparing to pay just $10 plus a fistful of coupons for he rest of their stuff, there are now some very upset retailers out

there in US-land.

Allegedly. Check out more on the coupon fiasco-rama here...