Apple Prepares For New iPod, iTunes App and Macbooks

Apple has sent out invitations for its much awaited September event, “Let’s Rock”, scheduled to take place in San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Centre of Arts.

The event will end the guessing game over the blogosphere since months, predicting about company’s next launches, as there were speculations about the launch, started with a Macbook Touch and finally ended to a revamped iPod series over the web.

However, you can always expect a new trendy and sleek iPod on you way, after Kevin Rose’s last week disclosure about the new iPod line-up on a website, which depicted the leaked screenshots of the expected iPod.

Rose further predicted that the new iPod Nano 2.1 software will have lesser price tag so as to compete with company’s very own iPhone, and mentioned some crucial refurbishing in overall designing of the iPod.

Apart from the refreshed iPod series, Apple may also introduce a brand new version of iTunes software which will improve users' interaction with millions of iTunes songs, available from its Apple store.

The industry is also expecting some changes in its range of devices including Macbook and Macbook Pro products and looking forward to some crucial modifications in their designs.