The big green elephant in the room

With growing concerns about the environmental impact of data centres, our industry’s freedom to operate will depend increasingly on public support and understanding.

The research conducted by Tickbox earlier this year showed us that, when it comes to data centres, the impact on the environment is of paramount importance to the general public.

Across the UK, 54% of those surveyed thought that data centres contributed to climate change, though the majority also said that they believed there were other, more significant, contributors.

However, when it comes to public opinion IT in general is emerging as a contributor to environmental damage with two thirds (66%) of those participating in the survey stating that they were concerned about the impact of IT on the environment.

In order to achieve the public support and understanding required, data centre owners and operators need to show audited and trusted evidence that they are responding to these challenges rapidly and constructively, thus removing any kind of big ‘green’ elephant from the room with minimal disruption.