Empty Client AJAX Approach

Although AJAX became a common practice among content oriented websites, it is rarely incorporated into enterprise level applications. Analysts associate that with three major AJAX setbacks:

The first is the complexity in creating AJAX application for enterprise's scenarios, which is time consuming and therefore brings doubtful ROI.

The second setback is that there is a lack of AJAX technologies that can support high level data centric enterprise applications.

The last but not least in importance, is security concerns as AJAX is known to raise real security concerns which enterprise applications with sensitive data cannot tolerate.

#The new 'empty client' approach to AJAX is set to offer fundamental, infrastructure solutions to those three setbacks. This approach shifts all processing, including UI logic to server, much like the old Main Frame paradigm did, and leaves the web client empty.

If the client is empty, everything is processed on the server. This concept enables highly productive, desktop development methodologies for web development as well as allowing complex applications running responsively on the network.

Finally, since there is no data, no logic and no open services on the client, this approach presents a highly secured alternative to conventional client-side AJAX.

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