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Glimpsing At Google's Chrome Future : The Browser is the OS in the Google PC

Google is good at keeping secrets. Chrome has been in development since 2006 and although there as been rumours going on for sometimes about a Google Browser, it is frankly flabbergasting that they actually made one.

By combining Android and Chrome, Google has successfully managed to join the ranks of Microsoft, Apple and the open source community as an entity capable of providing an operating system/browser couple.

And Google is the only one right now targeting the mobile market with Android. Now the plot thickens as Android could easily be used to power Netbooks (you read it first here), essentially making the concept of Google PC a reality, possibly by this year's end.

Now Chrome could effectively be the stepping stone to a new hybrid Operating system where, instead of having your traditional desktop area, popularised by Windows 95, you find yourself propelled when your OS starts up, in your browser.

Because this is, in effect, what Chrome amounts up to. It provides the crucial link between the client platform at one end and Google titanic web service platform on the other end.

Pulling together Android, Google Apps, Google Mail, Chrome and other bits and pieces, you end up with a complete environment that's reminiscent of pre-internet bubble era, where Compuserve and AOL offered walled "internets".

Are we going back to that then?