Google Apps and Microsoft Office Live Workspace Beta Reach One Million Customers On Same Day

Both Google and Microsoft celebrated their millionth customers (business customer in the case of Google) on September 3rd in what looks to be another turf war between the two mammoths.

Google has seen the number of active business customers, mostly Small and Medium businesses double during the past year - an estimated 20000 are joining every week - with more than 10 million users registering for the web services.

Obviously Google's intention with Google Apps is to bring down Microsoft Office 2007 by encouraging users to switch to cloud computing.

Microsoft on the other hand has also announced that it has reached its millionth customer sign-up milestone in just over six months

Office Live Workspace Beta, unlike Google Apps, is a web-based extension of Microsoft office that allows employees to access their documents online and share their work with others.

For obvious reasons, Microsoft has linked OLWB to Microsoft Office 2007 and is now offering the service in 11 languages.

OLWB has also introduced 20 new features including Firefox support and multi-file upload capability.