I love you; here's 11 grand; oh dear, I've been ripped off!

The naivety of some people never ceases to amaze me, as witnessed by a report on Channel 4 news this week about a teacher who fell victim to love-con job on t'Internet.

And lost 11 grand as a result.

The 42-year-old fell for the e-charms of a John Thomas (now there's a name to play with -Ed) based in Benin (sounds of Steve grabbing an atlas) who, within weeks of making contact, started asking for a wedge to pay the medical bills for him and his daughter.

Then his daughter got kidnapped.

Please send more munney

Not only did she loose shed loads of cash, but it also seems the Nigerian fraudster (oh yes, Nigeria -Ed) started using her account as a clearing house for other frauds, resulting in her own bank account being frozen pending investigation by Inspector Knacker of the Yard.

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