LG KC910 Renoir Smartphone Touts An 8MP Camera with Touchscreen

Fashionably late, the LG KC910 smartphone is definitely. However, that ain't to say that it is bad.

Although others like Sony Ericsson have already announced 8-Megapixel cameras, LG is the only one with a touchscreen display that can (hopefully) rival that of the iPhone (ed: Or else it will be one more fruitless attempt).

The KC910 which bears the sweet moniker of Renoir, in memory of the famous French painter, is only 14mm thick and comes with many features borrowed from the popular LG Viewty, like the Xenon flash, manual focus and more.

It can also play DiVX and Xvid videos as well as capture video in full glory at VGA resolutions. Other goodies include Dolby Mobile, WiFi, 3G HSDPA connectivity (yawn), geotagging and Schneider-Kreuznach lenses.

As for the screen, it looks like a 3-inch 480x320 pixel display.

Expect it to be on sale fairly soon and available for free only on £35+ contracts.