Microsoft Revamps App-V 4.5 Visualization Software

Serving as a prelude to next week’s big virtualization event from Microsoft at Redmond, the company has declared that it is geared up to make some crucial modifications in its offering in application virtualization, App-V 4.5 - formerly known as ‘SoftGrid Application’ - with some required revamping in the virtualization strategies.

The application will be extremely helpful in aligning IT with business productivity, by streaming various applications from servers to users’ PCs and providing a centralised IT management and monitoring solutions to enterprises.

App-V 4.5 will be available with the company’s next version of Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP), which boasts of diverse range of features apart from desktop virtualization, such as, System Centre error checking, group management, inventory services.

Available in 11 different languages, the application imparts effective security to the virtualization platform and exudes better integration with the Microsoft’s virtualization software.

The software giant is also releasing the Service Providers License Agreement (SPLA) with the application that allows streaming applications under the Software as a Service (SaaS) model.