Rethinking the way information management occurs in Organisations

Brave new world - Responding to the demands of the new economy means changing our approach to information management and communication.

Organisations have to rethink virtually every aspect of their information management and communication strategies—not just incrementally, but fundamentally.

In our information-based economy an organisation's most important assets shift from natural resources and labour, to knowledge and communication.

Corporate knowledge and the ability to communicate that knowledge become the basic building blocks for growing business.

Well-designed, comprehensive, and accurate information is a clear strategic advantage to companies that are able to capture, access, and leverage their information assets to take action on their decisions.

Organisations that cannot leverage their intellectual assets will be at a strategic disadvantage. If individuals and organisations to take control of information overload then they will be more effective in driving strategic change and it can have a dramatic impact on the whole organisation by saving time, increasing productivity and saving money.

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