Sony Recalls 73,000 TZ-Series VAIO Laptops

Japanese Consumer Electronics Giant, Sony, has announced that it is recalling 73,000 VAIO TZ-series laptop sold between July last year and August 2008 after receiving more than 200 reports of overheating.

The incidents have caused burnt to one customer (although AFP reports six more cases and up to 440,000 laptops) and Sony is taking precautionary measures to avoid costlier lawsuits.

Laptops will be offered free inspection and free repairs at Sony's approved centres.

Four models are concerned : VGN-TZ100, TZ-200, TZ-300 and TZ-2000. These high end laptops were aimed at corporate and business laptops and this could have some nasty, long lasting effect.

The problem comes from a loose screw behind the hinge which could potentially cause a short circuit of wires.

Sony laptop batteries have been blamed for a series of incidents which is rumoured to have cost the company over USD430m (GBP240m) as nearly six million batteries had to be replaced for Dell and Apple.