Turkish hacker fails to delight

I was amused to read on the Turkish wires that the world's number two hacker - Ercan Findikoglu (who he? -Ed) - was apprehended recently as he was preparing to empty another million bank accounts electronically.

According to one Turkish report, whilst he could have got 200 years in prison in the US, he will get two to three years in Turkey for his crimes.

The bank hackers was caught (it says here) after a four year electronic chase by the Turkish Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime Bureau.

When caught as part of Operation Virtual Earthquake, he apparently had the details of a million people's card accounts on him.

Oh really?

Incredibly, the Turkish Plod claim that one of his couriers was too lazy to carry a bag containing $400,000 to his family's second floor flat, so lobbed it on to the balcony.

Yeah, rrrrrright...

Findikoglu, meanwhile, replaced a Lexus he bought last year from Dubai, saying that its white leather seats tended to become dirty too quickly. He bought a Range Rover for $120,000 to replace it.

Bizarrely, the story seems genuine in parts, but the some bits are a bit OTT.

I wonder what bits are true...