Facebook for spies debuts

When you think of social networking sites, you think of Facebook, MySpace and Bebo.

In the US intelligence agencies, however, they're thinking of A-Space, a completely private social networking system for the CIA, the FBI and the National Security Agency.

According to CNN, the US `men in black' agencies have high hopes for A-Space, which appears to be connected to an intranet, so the great unwashed like myself can't access the beastie.

CNN says that A-Space has been in active testing since the spring and will be officially launched on September 16 to a total of 16 spy agencies across the United States,

The aim of A-Space, say its creators, is to protect the United States by assessing all the information available to the spy agencies and sharing that data across all 16 agencies.

The data within one agency, says CNN, can have profound issues in another agency - a bit like the FBI agent who sent an e-mail before September 11, 2001, warning of people learning to fly airplanes but
not learning to land them.

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