Gold'en Rant : Google Chrome Browser ... Rome wasn't built in a day...

Every cloud, as the saying goes, has a silver lining and initially, I welcomed the arrival of Google's very own silver coloured cloud: Chrome.

The reason for my initial enthusiasm was simple: the sandbox memory approach of Chrome may be nothing new in the world of Web browser add-ins, but the fact that Google has thrown its marketing might behind the concept is a sure-fire winner.

I must confess that when GreenBorder - the firm that developed Chrome - was acquired by Google in May of last year, I though the company would all but disappear.

Instead the Greenborder guys appear to have been slaving away behind closed doors to develop an easy-to-use way of securing Web surfing against the ongoing epidemic of cybercrime.

That was Wednesday. By last night I was grinding my teeth together in annoyance, as several `security researchers' reckon the new Google browser is riddled with security flaws and has more holes than Swiss cheese

Rishi Narang, for example, from Evil Fingers is reportedly working on releasing a proof of concept for a denial of service vulnerability that successfully crashes Chrome with all tabs.

But hang on a minute peeps, Mozilla Firefox wasn't a work of art in its first iterations, and neither was Opera, both of which I love to bits - especially the Firefox add-on "IE Tab," which allows Firefox to "transmit" the fact that it's Internet Explorer when accessing Internet Explorer-only Web sites.

I'm grinding my teeth together - not because Chrome is flawed, but because every IT security researcher and their dog is cheerfully sticking the boot into the new browser.

It's open source and that gets my vote. The guys at Greenborder really seem to have worked hard over the last fifteen months.

Give them a break everyone. Remember - Rome wasn't built in a day...