Google Picasa Gets Third Update, Introduces Face Recognition Technology

Google has revamped its photo management software, Picasa, with some noticeable additions in it that includes a face recognition technology which would allow its users in spotting out familiar faces without the need of tagging them separately.

The software giant has launched the improved version of the software Picasa 3.0, which includes the “names tag” feature that allows users to tag names on their albums; further, the company has also launched a better version of Picasa Web Albums, with a “Sync to Web” feature that updates the photos automatically in the album, whenever an user edits the photos with Picasa software.

The face recognition technology which can automatically group similar faces is mainly attributed to Google’s acquisition of Neven Vision in 2006.

However, the technology has a subtle drawback, as it only recognizes the faces that were facing camera when the image was captured and fails to identify the faces if they were looking somewhere else.

As of now, only the Windows version of the software is available.