Microsoft Shows Future of Teleworking, Draws Plymouth in 2033

Researchers at Microsoft have showed a glimpse of the future of Plymouth city, which shows a plain residential area with almost no high organisational towers, owing to the changing work patterns.

The software giant has published a probable map of the city in 2033 named - “evolution of Plymouth’s landscape based on new business working trends” - which says that the changing technology will allow us to work from our residences, and therefore all the big organisational buildings will slowly get wiped out of the city.

As most of the employees will work remotely, they will tend to shift to the picturesque landscape of the Plymouth city, and the need for office space will reduce considerably.

Further, the map also features specialists hubs marked around the city that will facilitate the employees who don’t want to work in office environs but always want to be in touch with company’s network.

Microsoft mobility expert, James McCarthy said in a statement, “Plymouth is set to change dramatically over the next 25 years as remote working evolves and employers and employees alike embrace the changes to come.”