Microsoft's Marketing Campaign Stumbles With "Pathetic" Seinfeld/Gates Teaser Advert

Microsoft has debuted its USD 300 million "Save Vista" campaign with what appears to be already one of the most controversial adverts of the year which shows Microsoft Supremo, Bill Gates, partner with one of America's finest living showman, Jerry Seinfeld.

The duo will appear on a number of video ads geared at showing the true potential of Microsoft Vista in the forthcoming weeks and how Microsoft's latest operating system is a "misunderstood" and unloved piece of software... really....

But the advert has already been branded as a pathetic attempt to bolster the reputation of a fledgling software by one news outlet and comes on the back of a hugely popular Apple versus Mac campaign.

In the short 90-second video, Seinfeld and Gates discuss shoes in a fictional shoe shop discussing footwear with absolutely no mention to Windows, Microsoft or Vista which left most of the blogosphere divided between being baffled and being angry at the amount of money invested (Jerry Seinfeld doesn't come cheap).

Vista has been selling more than 180 million licenses since it came on the market back in 2007, however, this represents only a fraction of the total number of Windows based computers on the market and with a trio of rivals - Apple, Google and the Open Source community - breathing down its neck, Microsoft cannot afford to fail with this marketing campaign.

Watch the video here.