Phorm Controversial Ad Tracking Technology Takes A Hit

Flame-magnet Firm Phorm has confirmed that the roll out of its much-criticised ad tracking technology could take longer than expected as it continues to hold discussion with Britain's Big Three: BT, Virgin Media and Carphone Warehouse

All three announced that they would be implementing Phorm's technology on their network in order to raise much needed advertising revenues although the Financial Times understands that both Virgin Media and Carphone Warehouse would be closely following BT's implementation (and any potential public backlash that might occur) before committing to the technology.

Speaking to the Financial Times, Kent Ertugrul, Phorm's Supremo said that the company had conducted "a lengthy dialogue across a number of different fronts with outside parties".

Although significant progress had been made, there is still no implementation, nearly seven months after the announcement of the Open Internet Exchange marketplace.

Phorm's tracking technology has caused many to question whether it hasn't got too far when it came to monitoring individuals web browsing habits for commercial gains.

To make matters worse, BT has had instigated secret trials for several months without the implicit agreements of the "guinea pigs" browsers and Phorm has had a very controversial period as a spyware firm in a previous life.

The share of the company plunged to its all time low at GBP 5.8, down from its all time high of GBP 35.04 back in February this year.