UK Loves DVR : A Success That Spells Doom For Television Advertising

Web browsers have ad blockers and TV viewers have Digital Video Recorders or DVRs; nearly three quarters of Brits who have tried using one of those devices can't live without them according to a survey by NDS. This rises to 80 percent for the US.

The rest of the audience I presume would religiously sit and watch all the adverts, much to the pleasure of the advertisers and broadcasters - but as you can see, they are worryingly a dying breed.

DVR Owners consume more television that the average audience at 225 minutes per day (out of which 90 minutes are recorded); the average UK TV viewer watches around 200 minutes of telly per day.

More than 1,000 DVR owners have been surveyed for the research and it came up as the most indispensable household device after the washing machine and the microwave.

While the DVR is effectively a boon for family life (no wrangling over who should watch what), it casts a dark shadow over the future of Television advertising especially as responders say that they would like a second DVR and more networking functionalities.

Paradoxically, DVR are a great way to increase viewing figures but the advertising market's ultimate nemesis.