Vodafone Starts Selling Dell's Mini 9 Inspiron Netbook

Vodafone will be the exclusive European network partner for Dell's Inspiron Mini 9 which comes with an internal HSDPA modem, the latest in the long collaboration between the two companies.

Vodafone could possibly subsidise the Dell Inspiron laptop entirely although it remains to be seen where the mobile network firm plans to sell these little web-enabled devices

The Vodafone-equipped Inspiron Mini 9 laptop will be released in late September according to various news sources.

Which brings us to another possibility. Vodafone OEM its own mobile phones, albeit the cheapest PAYG ones, like this more than capable Vodafone 725.

So with a guaranteed market, one has to wonder when, rather than if, Vodafone will be producing or relabelling its own little netbook complete with webcam, integrated modem and bluetooth headset.

More than 50 million HSDPA broadband subscriptions are expected to be sold this year alone and Vodafone is well placed to grab a fair share of the market, especially as people have got into the habit of remotely surfing the net.

Come on Vodafone, just grab one of those Asus EEE PC, change the colour to red and slap your stickers on it.