Will Samsung's Touchscreen Omnia Smartphone Kick Apple's iPhone?

Samsung is just about to release yet another touchscreen iPhone killer wannabee. The Omnia, also known as the SGH-i900, is based on a Windows 6.1 platform and should therefore suffer from all its shortcomings.

Although we did say that it was the best iPhone clone yet back in June 2008, things have since then moved a lot, due to the fact that iPhone 2.0 has flooded the market and Apps store has been release.

The Omnia will also face some competition from Android phones as well although it will be compared mostly to the iPhone - large 3.2-inch touchscreen version, onscreen QWERTY keyboards, drag and drop functionality, up to 16GB internal storage and haptic feedback as well.

On top of that there's a 5-megapixel camera and compatibility with Microsoft Office suite; however if Samsung (or indeed the rest of the competition), thinks that specs alone will be sufficient to remove the iPhone from their pedestal, they are wrong.

The device should be available for around £500 unlocked locally and will be available on all major networks from the start.

Samsung event yesterday kickstarted a GBP 4.7 million marketing campaign; well, if the Omnia is as good/bad as the F480, then, we can all wish them good luck.