EDS Loses Records of 5,000 Prison Employees, Keeps Mum for 13 months

Jack Straw is said to have been furious after learning that Ministry of Justice contractor, EDS, lost a 500GB external hard drive disk containing the personal data of 5,000 prison officers' across UK.

IT supplier EDS apparently kept silent about the loss of the hard disk for more than one year until the News of the World broke the news, which understandably sent the Justice minister Ballistic, prompting an inquiry over who was responsible and how the incident occurred.

Obviously, should this kind of information fall in the wrong hands, the lives of hundreds could be at risk and could possibly cost tax payers millions if prison officers have to be relocated or given new identities.

A prison whistleblower told the News of the World that this kind of information would give "crooks a huge leg-up in targeting prison officers to bring in illicit contraband, either by some gentle persuasion or by menace and threats."

The hard drive is said to include the Prison employees' names, date of birth, National insurance numbers and employee numbers amongst other data and could be used to seek revenge or to blackmail prison officers.

There are also reports that EDS current and future positions with regards to key Government IT projects could be in jeopardy following these latest revelations.