Google Reflects On 10-Year Anniversary, Lays Milestones For Next Decade

The entire web fraternity is commemorating the tenth anniversary of the internet firm that has rewritten the aesthetics of search mechanisms over the web, Google Inc.

Founded by an amateur duo from Stanford University, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google was launched a decade ago, and came a long way since then.

The company was primarily founded to challenge the dominance of the then topmost web search engine AltaVista, and now, in addition to its search business, the company has ventured into several other segments, such as, blogging, social networking, messaging, web browsing application - Chrome - and finally a mobile platform – Android.

Surprisingly, the company which was initially eschewed by several prominent players of that time has grown through several leaps and bounds to reach the zenith of the search market.

Currently, Google has attained an unattainable spot in various services and is continuously pouring huge efforts to ensure its predominance in the search engine market.

The company now has its operations in different regions across the planet with a huge workforce and is estimated to worth close to a massive GBP74 billion in market value.