Half of UK.biz Fail to Consider Key Criteria when Making Decisions about Data Centre Requirements

Research published by Data Centre Specialist Sentrum, shows what companies regard as most important when it comes to making decisions about data centre expansion or consolidation.

The number of sites (36%), location (32%), timescales (27%) and proximity to fibre (26%) were the four most commonly considered factors. Availability of power and real estate market conditions were surprisingly lower at just 16%.

However, despite identifying the considerations that firms should factor into their plans, 85% of the respondents interviewed admitted that they were not considering all six. Worst still 47% do not consistently factor any of these criteria in to the decision making process.

Interestingly, when it comes to seeking out help and choosing a third-party operator to assist in building or developing a data centre, the report showed that experience (58%) and cost (57%) are rated far higher than speed (18%).

“Firms have a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the right data centre partner, as it is a significant commitment", commented Andy Ruhan, CEO at Sentrum. “Despite the initial lack of consideration to key criterion, the research goes on to show a positive shift in attitude when starting these projects as many are drawn to work with providers that display both maturity in the market and experience. This can only set to serve both parties well."

The findings also show that – and perhaps not surprisingly given the current climate - a third of firms cited economic reasons for any potential moves with 38% of large companies saying that they would consider locating their data centre further away from existing premises if they were able to reduce power consumption by between 25-30 percent per annum.

Whilst the distance for some respondents was as far as 800 miles, the average figure equated to 97 miles.