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Intel Piles Pressure On AMD, Releases Trio of Environment Friendly Xeon Processors

As a part of its initiative to reduce the environmental impacts of its products, Intel has launched a new range of Xeon processors which the company claims are free of halogen.

These new processors incidentally use Hafnium based transistors that are numerous times superior to older silicon dioxide gates and apparently need less power.

Three of the newly launched processors claim their credential to the Xeon 5400 series.

Of these the X5492 boasts of an appreciable clock speed of 3.4GHz and consumes 150 watts of power while on the other end of the spectrum the L5430 uses as low as only 50 watts per core.

Intel is of the opinion that high end workstations, blade as well as traditional mainstream servers will use these chips.

Expressing Intel’s enthusiasm with the new launch Kirk Skaugen, who heads Intel’s server platform, mentioned “"Intel continues to expand its R&D efforts in eco-innovation while delivering unmatched versatility and performance"