iPod Inspiration Was Brainchild of British Self-taught Inventor, acknowledges Apple

Apple has finally admitted that its iconic iPod was invented by a school dropout from UK.

In a document filed by the company, in court, it has finally acknowledged Kane Kramer as the true inventor of the digital music player iPod, London’s Daily Mail reported.

The recognition for Kramer has come as a result of Apple’s legal tussle with Burst.com that is claiming to held the patents over the digital technology, and hence asking for a substantial cut from Apple’s whopping GBP89 billions profits from the device

Kramer, 52, left the school at 15 and then worked as a furniture salesman, invented the device some thirty years back, and is currently leading a non descript life.

Kramer has already proclaimed his invention two years back, in an interview to Daily Mail, and mentioned that how he invented the device - which he named IXI - when he was just 23 years old; however, initially the device supported 3.5 minutes of storage only, but Kramer has claimed that the storage capacity would definitely get enhanced.

Apple even flew Kramer to its California based headquarters, to gain evidence against its rivals in the ongoing legal dispute with Burst.com.