SMS Text Grammar Signature To Help Police Track Down Criminals

UK police is all set to advance a step further in catching criminal activities in their vicinities, as scientists are going to display a new technique in the upcoming BA festival of Science in Liverpool that would help the authorities in trapping the criminals based on their writing styles and grammar.

Tim Grant, Deputy Director Centre for Forensic Linguistics, Aston University, has emphasised the use of language processing techniques in identifying various incriminating acts, such as, an extortion note, documents with some terrorist plan, a threatening message, or any other such texts.

Despite people’s concerns over the increasing surveillance over the society, these language processing techniques would be very useful in maintaining the law and order in society, Grant added.

Besides its use in civil crime control, it would also be beneficial in the organisational environs, as it would effectively help in checking the intra-organisational offences, such as, sending malicious mails secretly.

The technique has already been used in solving crucial murder cases, but it has to be tested further for its final implementation.