Who’s Minding the Restore

Installing the fastest backup solution in the world is pointless if it can’t restore your data fast enough to meet your service level agreements.

Just because a disk-based solutions, such as a virtual tape library (VTL) can backup your data quickly, doesn’t mean it can restore data with equal speed. Restore performance can be particularly slow with some types of data deduplication.

Make sure your VTL lets you backup and restore from any available port. Without it, your restore job will sit idle – waiting for one specific port to free up.

To ensure deduplicated data can be restored quickly, choose a backup solution that can deduplicate data across multiple nodes. Also choose a technology that keeps the recent backup undeduplicated (and available for instantaneous restore) and deduplicates the older data.

Fast backup performance is only half the story. Be sure restore times are fast as well.

This article has been contributed by Miklos Sandorfi, Chief Technology Officer, SEPATON, Inc