Android & S60 Touch – will they be enough?

Nokia is rumoured to be launching the 5800 Tube in October with their new touch UI based on Symbian Series 60.

From the little seen via YouTube and the Mobile World Congress earlier this year, Nokia’s new UI is unlikely to grab the same attention that the iPhone 3G did.

This is despite of the obvious flaws and restrictions imposed by Apple on third party applications, hardware flaws and interoperability issues.

According to Saturday’s FT, Android which may be launched before Christmas has yet to engender any great emotion in the market. Whilst it is an allegedly open system there are still parts of the OS that are closely guarded from independent developers.

This has led to a wait and see attitude amongst many of them.

Demonstration units built by HTC have an air of a cheap Microsoft Mobile handset from a couple of years ago.

An issue not helped by Google’s low key low energy marketing effort. This is now becoming an issue for Google as Nokia will now give away the well proven Symbian platform; one that Samsung, Motorola, LG and others have already invested a great deal of time and money on.

With Nokia in the doldrums, LiMo hiding, and Android seemingly going low key, big bad Microsoft may be the unlikely challenger to an increasingly iPhone centric world.