Is Apple 4G iPod Nano Sighting A Fake One?

As this evening Apple's Let's Rock Event approaches, more pictures of what appears to be iPod 4G Nano models have surfaced, this time around at a little known online shopping website.

iPod case manufacturer Jivo has started to sell both hard case and silicone models of iPod 4G nano protectors (although you might be a bit dubious when it says that it is compatible with the iPhone as well) on

The cases are designed to fit the 4th Generation iPod Nano perfectly and costs a neat £19.99 which sounds a bit high especially since this is non-official gear.

So the real question is whether these are the true depictions of the 4G iPod Nano (or one of the cheap knock-off iPod-style MP3 players that will soon flood the market) or just a lucky strike for a little known company which managed to game the UK tech news industry, a few hours before Jobs pre-releases a few great products.

Leaked rumours however point to a larger-than-usual, elongated iPod Nano which looks strangely like a squeezed version of the iPod Photo plus some even say that the iPhone Nano 4G will come with a touchscreen and will be available in Orange.