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IBM and PGP Contribute £57,000 To Save Bletchley Park Computer Museum

A couple of months back, a consortium of UK scientists called for saving UK’s computing heritage site, Bletchley Park that serves as a testimony for the mankind’s first ever programmable computers.

The appeal has finally received an encouraging response, as the two US tech giants, IBM and PGP, are together pooling an assistance of GBP57,000 for the refurbishment of the site.

The funding would provide substantial fuelling to the National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park and help the Britons in regaining their losing prestige.

The two firms believe that the funding would help in attracting the required amount, estimated to be GBP7 million, for keep running the museum.

IBM’s Head of Privacy and Security Division, Andrew Hart have mentioned the significance of Bletchley Park, as UK’s crucial national heritage; “it’s an important part not only of computing, but of cryptology and analysis”, and the firm is preserving what is said to be fundamental part of our history, he added.

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