Social Networking Websites Vulnerable to Malware Attack Says Researchers

Social networking websites can turn out to be a potential platform for hacking attacks, a new research claimed.

A team of security researchers from the Foundation for Research and Technology, Herakolin, Greece has illustrated the above fact by turning out Facebook into an attacking platform by creating a harmless application, ‘Photo of the Day’ that pretends to offer some of the attractive pictures from the Discovery Channel, can actually serve as a channel for unauthorised intrusion to their machines.

Further, every time the user clicks on the application, he has to serve request for 600KB unknowingly, the researchers reported.

The research published as ‘Antisocial Networks: Turning a Social Network into a Botnet’ shows the vulnerability of the popular social networking sites as a medium for malware and spyware attacks.

Citing to the huge customer chunk of the Facebook, it can be used to carry out the illicit hacking attacks on a massive scale; further, as the content doesn’t seem to be malicious to its users, they can easily enter into this booby trap.

These websites have certain intrinsic properties that make them ideal for the malicious attacks, the research team added.