Sony Unveils Pair of Wireless Bluetooth Headsets And Headsets

Sony has unleashed its all new range of smart earphones for UK market, mainly targeted towards Brits with a sporty lifestyle.

The company has introduced a couple of Bluetooth headsets, namely, DR-BT160AS and DR-BT14Q, with the former sporting a stiff connection between the earpieces, whereas the latter comprises of wire between its two earpieces.

Coated with a suitable material to protect the headphones from sweat or rain drops, both the earphones are suitable for any sort of ear-design and integrates a volume adjustment panel over it along with a in-built microphone is also there for answering the calls.

In addition to these, Sony has also debuted its in-ear MDR-EX500LP and MDR-EX300SL premium closed-type headphones that claimed to deliver studio quality to its users.

These new headphones boast of a wide diaphragm and silicone based ear buds, to offer better in-ear fitting and minimizes distortion remarkably; moreover, both the earphones installs a 13.5mm EX driver component to offer ultimate quality sound to the listener.

The price tag of the earphones is yet to be unveiled by the company.