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A Third Of UK Businesses Ban Social Networking Websites

UK businesses have turned out to be the most rigid ones across entire Europe, when it comes to using social networking websites at work with as many as 35 percent of the UK bosses forbidding their employees from using the social networking platforms for sharing content with friends; a recent survey from the mobile operator 3 revealed.

Spain has got the second spot, with 19 percent of its organisations placing any form of restriction over the usage of social networking websites at workplace, followed by Germany, France and Italy.

Further, 15 percent of UK employers don’t have any explicit restrictions over using social networking websites, but they usually “frown-upon” the employees and feel an urgent need for banning it.

However, 26 percent of the employees surveyed have affirmed that accessing social networking websites would help them in maintaining an adequate work life balance, and the restriction has actually made the employees to switch over to their mobile devices for accessing these services.

Meanwhile, addressing the same requirements, Vodafone has introduced a new service, “Vodafone Connect to Friends” that would allow its subscribers to text pages from their Facebook accounts.