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AMD Launches New Triple Core X2 Phenom CPUs To Counteract Intel's Nehalem Onslaught

AMD is all set to take on Intel’s Core i7 Nehalem series of processors, with its all new revamped range of Phenom processors that seems to cater the needs of both, gaming enthusiasts and power conscious users.

The company has rolled out its three triple-core Phenom X3 processors that are designed to offer an improved support to Microsoft’s Hyper-V virtualisation platform.

Phenom X3 8750 Black Edition aims at gaming freaks and hence integrates ‘Clock Multiplier Control’ feature, which would let the gamers fine-tune the processors, by increasing the CPU frequencies from their default 2.4 GHz; further the processor is based on 65nm process technology and consumes 95 watts only.

Whereas, the other two processors, namely, Phenom X3 8250e and Phenom X3 8450e consumes 65 watts of power only and operate at 1.9 GHz and 2.1 GHz respectively, as the ‘e’ suffix in the nomenclature of these chips clearly speaks about their energy efficiency characteristic.

The price tag of these chips excluding VAT is GBP78 for the X3 8750 Black Edition and GBP61 for the other two power-saving chips.