Apple Releases New iPod Nano, iTunes Software... Steve Jobs Is Alive

The new iPod Nano was without doubt the centre of attraction of yesterday's Let's Rock event and it's easy to see why this is the case.

Steve Jobs started yesterday's presentation with a Mark Twain's renowned quote, "The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated", in reference to the recent accidental (and purely coincidental) release of his obituary.

The fourth generation device will come in nine colours and incorporate Apple's new found green credentials you wont' find arsenic in their glass components, no mercury and no PVC in the aluminium casing.

With a sleek, ultra thin, curvy body, the player will almost certainly be top of many a wishlist for Christmas and will no doubt spawn a new range of copycats in the far east, ready for the festive season.

The Nano, which should be available for sale on the 16th of September, will come in two versions, a 8GB and another 16GB version, available from £109 and £149 respectively.

It will also include a "shake to shuffle" feature as well as the accelerometer which allows the screen to switch from Landscape to Portrait mode almost instantaneously.

As for the brand new iPod Touch, apart from the fact that it is thinner, got an integrated speaker, a slightly improved battery life and costs less - roughly 15 percent - there's not much to differentiate it from the previous version

The 8GB version costs GBP169, doubling the capacity brings adds another GBP50 while going to the 32GB ups the price to GBP279.

This means that as it stands, the price difference between the iPod Touch 8GB and the Nano 16GB is only £20.

The other announcement for the night was the immediate release of iTunes 8 which offers a "suggested songs" feature called Genius which makes recommendations based on whatever is being currently played (and will also comes with the iPod Touch)

The new iTunes 8 will also be capable of playing HD TV shows.

iTunes currently has more than 65 million accounts and Apple has sold more than 165 million iPods since its launch back in 2001 - with more than 50 million being sold in the last year alone.