More Data Mayhem As Memory Stick With Soldiers' Data Gets Lost In Nightclub

It seems that the UK authorities aren’t ready to give up their lethargic attitude towards data handling in IT applications, even after a couple of crucial losses in recent past that may turn into potential losses to the country, as one such incident has once again came into the limelight.

A memory stick containing crucial information about the training of a troop of 70 soldiers of the Yorkshire Regiment, was discovered from the floor of a Cornish nightclub.

The drive comprises entire information about the moves of the troops, including their locations, travelling schedules, accommodation details, training timings, etc.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has expressed its concerns over the regrettable incident and thereby asserted for taking proper action for investigating the whole issue that include complete forensic test of the memory stick.

Sir Edmond Burton has presented a detailed report about the data handling procedures of MoD, in which he put forth 51 suggestions about effective measures to deal with data losses and data handling methods.

Now, after citing a number of such cases, MoD will be taking up the key recommendations of the report, in order to minimize the frequent data loss occurrences.