O2 Gives Mobile Coverage to Glasgow Underground Commuters, Says London Next

As from December, Customers using the Glasgowian Underground System will soon be able to call and text while waiting on the platform for their train to come, thanks to Telefonica-owned mobile phone provider, O2.

The service will apparently not include the actual journey inside the train and there's little chance that you will be able to surf the net during the commute; but they will still be able to use all their usual phone services while on the platform.

But O2 has said that the technology would soon be deployed across the whole of the 10Km circular line, which runs underground.

O2 rolled out the service at five busy underground stations - Buchanan Street, St Enoch, Kelvinbridge, Hillhead and Partick, using a "multi-user distributed antenna" system and has hinted that London Underground could be next.

This gives O2 the upper hand if the mobile operator is able to strike exclusive deals which would essentially close the door to T-Mobile and the likes.

Glasgow will not be the first UK city to offer mobile in the subway, Newscastle apparently has offered these services for years while other European cities (like Stockholm) and Asian Cities were long-time precursors.

Expect a surge in the number of phones falling on the subway tracks.