Vodafone Cosies Up With Apple Over App Store

Vodafone’s terminals chief has opined that Apple may be allowed to run operator-specific applications on its iPhone and any such application would seem to be offered from its Apple App Stores.

The move would offer some respite to operators’ raging concerns with the iPhone applications; however, the step is quite unlikely, as Apple won’t allow the operators’ competing applications to run over its own.

In a briefing of Vodafone’s mobile phone strategy, Jens Schulte-Bockum from Terminals of Vodafone Group stated that the company is already testing the move in Italy, by offering Vodafone’s “portal experience” application through Apple App store.

Once Apple started offering software kit, SDK, for unlocking iPhone for its general application, the speculation could well turn out into reality.

But, Apple’s attitude so far with the operator-specific iPhone customization fades Vodafone’s predictions over this kind of transformation, as the iPhone manufacturer has utilised its partners’ networks for addressing its own means, without bringing any modification in the device.