Apple Releases Security Patches for iPod, Touch, iTunes and Quicktime

Addressing the raging security concerns for its varied range of gadgets, Apple has silently released a bunch of crucial security patches for them, which include iPod Touch 2.1, iTunes 8, Bonjour for Windows, and QuickTime 7.5.5.

iPod Touch patch fixes a wide variety of sensitive issues discovered in different iPod Touch applications, such as, CoreGraphics, connectivity and networking, mDNS responder, WebKit components, and Application Sandbox.

On the other hand, iTunes fix tackles few minor compatibility issues with various operating systems like Windows XP and Vista, and Mac OS Xv10.4.11 and Mac OS X Server10.4.11; however the patch doesn’t touch the Leopard operating systems at all.

Bonjour is a crucial application from Apple that assists in connecting various equipments to the network, so the Bonjour patch checks the application failure mainly attributed to malevolently designed ‘.local’ domain name and the patch includes fix for both Windows XP and Vista systems.

QucikTime patch addresses as many as nine crucial security flaws, which are primarily concerned with malicious movie or image files that can be used to exploit system’s resources or ultimately crash the systems.