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German Google Developer Day to Coincide With T-Mobile's Android Smartphone Launch

Chances are that Google's Developer Day in Germany will coincide with the launch of T-Mobile's Android Launch on the 23rd of September 2008; the event which will be held in Munich will see engineers come and talk about a number of technologies including Android and Chrome.

Oh and German Mobile Phone Service Provider T-Mobile has two major buildings in Munich although Reuters says that the announcement will be made in New York City.

T-Mobile Smartphone will almost certainly be the HTC Dream which has been revealed to you here and will come with almost all the bells and whistles you could expect from a web friendly smartphone.

AT&T is also expected to release a brand new Blackberry Phone, the 8320 on the same date with the Xperia X1 coming up one week later... September is turning out to be a rather exciting month especially as all major phone manufacturers are expected to launch Android phones shortly after HTC.

Google and T-Mobile both declined to comment on the sources...