Nokia and Microsoft Partner Over Putting Exchange Corporate Email on S60 Platform

In its effort to take on Blackberry from Research in Motion (RIM), Nokia has struck a deal with Microsoft to spread out its corporate email access to its 80 million handsets.

As per the deal, Nokia users with its latest version of S60 software installed in their handsets, can access the Microsoft’s Exchange ActiveSync Application from their mobile platform, which enables employees of companies with Microsoft Exchange Server to check their contacts, email accounts, company directory, and other such crucial information using their mobile phones.

The S60 mobile platform runs on Symbian software, which enables the devices to align with the advanced multimedia applications and also prove to be effective in enhancing the security of the device.

The application offer a lot over simple emailing, as it also allows its users in configuring email preferences, searching for important contact details and much more.

In one of its statement Nokia said, “Nokia owners whose companies use Exchange can set up Mail for Exchange free on their devices in various ways without paying additional services or subscription fees.”