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A touchy feely Christmas in the Mobile Market? Well, it is September

With the kids having just bought their going back to school pens and laptops, it’s now time for the Christmas tinsel to hit the high street.

This week seems to have been made for the Christmas cheer. First the ever yo-yoing saga of Sony Ericsson’s Xperia X1 has now gone back up to a launch on the 30th of September.

Second off the BlackBerry Storm (Thunder to most people) has been appraised courtesy of YouTube and TheBoyGenius.

Thirdly there was the announcement, at last, of the iPhone 2.1 software.

Fourthly it seems that the Nokia Touch will launch in early October.

Fifth, Modaco leaked some images of the iPhone challenger from HTC, the Touch HD.
Without doubt the market captured by the iPhone has some serious new hardware to extract Santa’s money. Yet with a recession already upon us will he keep his wallet closed and the industry stockings filled with apples rather than Christmas dough?