Vodafone Radio Ad Blasted By UK Advertising Body For Talking Too Fast

Acting on the basis of a complaint filed by a listener, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned a recent radio advert by Vodafone owing to the fact that the advert read out the legal terms and conditions of the services offered too hurriedly.

The listener stated that the advert - which talks about the company’s offerings for unlimited calls, messages and internet usage - contains a 30-word disclaimer recorded in woman’s voice, ends in almost eight seconds, and hence makes the terms difficult to understand (ed: They're not alone in doing that)

ASA supported the complaint and directed the company to withdraw the commercial as soon as possible, as it may mislead the listeners.

In a response to the complaint, Vodafone asserted that the woman’s voice is in the ad not speeded up deliberately and its pace is quite similar to that of the voices in other similar ads; moreover, it has also maintained that their advertisement is neither deceptive nor it is violating the advertising rules.

Further, the company also countered by saying that the radio advertising code doesn’t define the exact speed at which the legal terms can be broadcasted.