WiFi piggy-backing rife in the Middle East

Interesting to see a report on the Middle-Eastern newswires today that there WiFi piggy-backing is rife in Saudi Arabia, where users don't seem to understand how to secure their wireless routers.

Arab News says that a number of freeloaders are buying WiFi signal enhancers to boost the range on their laptops.

Perhaps more worryingly, however, Arab News quotes Sayed Jawed, a retail manager with Linksys in the Middle East and Pakistan as saying that hackers also use the signal boosters to allow them to hack into more unsecured networks "data robbing and virus uploads."

"It can happen with any brand of wireless routers or devices thats not been secured by the user," he said, adding that, in an attempt to clamp down on piggybacking, all Linksys devices now have a wizard to set up security by default.

But what about people with older WiFi routers? Will they update the firmware? I doubt it somehow...