Yahoo Buddies Up With Apple Over iPhone Social Application

Yahoo has finally initiated its move into the mobile development platform to challenge Google’s influence in this domain and the company can’t ask for a better device than iPhone to start its new course.

The internet firm introduced a new application for the iPhone that facilitates its users in managing mobile messaging, and social networking websites, through a single interface.

Yahoo introduced the application, oneConnect, at the CTIA symposium in San Francisco, and stated that the application proves to be extremely useful in creating address book for social networking websites.

“Pulse”, a vital feature of oneConnect, would assist the iPhone users in getting the real-time status and updates from all its contacts in various social networking platforms, like, Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Twitter, etc.

Instead of going to each website separately, the user just requires to click on to the Pulse feature that would provide one-stop updates from them, Yahoo’s Marco Boerries stated.

In case, you have large number of socially connected contacts, then the “Favourite” feature of the application would help in specifying the important contacts.

The application integrates various contact modules, such as, instant messaging, email, voice chat, and text messages together, which would help in setting up communication comprehensively.