Compliance, a huge issue for everyone

With constant regulation changes such as MIFID, there is always the need for increased compliance complexity as environments expand and change.

Compliance places huge demands on a company and with limited budgets and stretched human resources, smaller businesses are usually the first to feel the strain and often last to get management attention.

If you are worried about your data, can’t guarantee that data is protected for legal needs and can’t prevent attackers from defacing your web sites or other parts of your business then an outsourcing provider can help.

An outsourcer can selectively locate data geographically to meet data privacy needs. DO check that your data will be backed up regularly, DON’T just presume but ask if they DO store data off-site and can be kept for multiple years.

Data is vital to any business but for SMEs it could be the difference between success and failure. Do therefore check that the provider has detection systems to protect web sites and critical data and have audit trailing to track and resolve breaches.