Dell Adds More Inspiron Netbooks On With £50 Discount

Dell is pushing ahead with its strategy to conquer the Ultra Cheap Netbook market by introducing the N270 and a new laptop buddy - the Z530 - on Tesco's Direct selling website.

The Austin-based manufacturer has also started to sell the newly released N270 (or Inspiron Mini 9) for around £50 less than on its own website with Tesco listing the "temporarily out of stock" item for a mere £249 compared to £299 on Dell's UK website.

The Inspiron Z530 however appears to be the real teaser and although it is unlikely that the final product carries this name - Z530 actually refers to the Intel Atom Processor, one can assume that the price and the specifications are final.

Apart from the 12-inch screen and the 40GB Traditional spinning hard disk drive (compared to a Solid state model) , the new Inspiron will come with a 1.33GHz Atom Z530 processor which is geared towards UMPC (rather than netbook) and comes with Intel's Virtualisation technology.

Other specs include a media card reader, 1GB of memory, Ubuntu OS, Integrated Wi-Fi, all packed in a nice enclosure similar to the Inspiron 9 mini.

It is highly likely that the new Inspiron (Inspiron 10?) could be a tough competitor to Dell's own Vostro and Latitude range of ultra portable laptops.

Tesco's website says that both laptops should be available by the 6th of October 2008.